Business Insurance / Commercial Insurance

Contractors, wholesalers, manufacturing, restaurants, auto repair shops, printers, funeral homes, bakeries and landscapers – you name it – and Boord-Henne Insurance can help you with your business insurance needs. Whether your business is large, or a smaller mom-and-pop operation, Boord-Henne has the business insurance solutions required to make sure that your business is adequately protected should the unforeseen occur. The day-to-day responsibilities of business ownership require your complete focus, so let us help you prepare an insurance plan for unexpected events. Accidents happen and it is our business to see that your business does not incur serious bumps in the road that could threaten your livelihood. We have solutions tailored to dozens of professions.

Businesswoman Using Digital Tablet In Distribution WarehouseAdequate Coverage for Loss Control

Any business needs a minimum of $1 million in general liability coverage, which protects your business from financial ruin due to injury or property damage claims against your employees or your products. Varying circumstances will determine what additional coverage is needed. For instance, whether you own the building, nature of its contents, whether you have business vehicles, mobile equipment and tools are some of the factors to take into consideration. Every business has specific risks that must be covered to avoid catastrophic losses. We will devise a cost-effective, long-term plan that will match your needs and will allow your business to stay up-and-running regardless of unfortunate circumstances.

Consider Umbrella Insurance for Your Business

Umbrella insurance coverage is an excellent risk-management option for any business. For example, should you be found liable for injuries sustained at your business or worksite and the lawsuit damages exceed your general liability, an umbrella insurance plan can make up the difference without causing you to lose your shirt! Contact us today and we’ll get the job done!

Options for Commercial/Business Insurance include:

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
    with our focus on Dentists,
    Optometrists and Veterinarians
  • Contractor Packages
  • Garage Liability
  • Surety, Contract and Permit Bonds
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Directors and Officers

  • Builder’s Risk
  • Mechanic and Body Shop
  • Business Owner’s Policies (BOPs)
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Commercial Auto and Fleet
  • Farm Packages
  • Local and Long Haul Trucking
  • Group Life

Industries Include:

  • Contractors
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Repair
  • Printers
  • Funeral Homes
  • Bakeries
  • Landscapers